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Five of these six statements are true:

1) I started birdwatching at age six and now make a living as a birding and photo guide.

2) I hold a BS in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Molecular Genetics.

3) I married a woman who helped save my life on two different occasions.

4) I went an entire year without getting into a car, plane, or train and bicycled 18,000 miles in the process.

5) I am an alcoholic and drug abuser who used to DJ house music at night clubs and loft parties.

6) I created a trademarked character -- 'The Mad Scientist' -- and wrestled Duane 'The Rock' Johnson while auditioning for WWE.

I can try to summarize myself in a few paragraphs but am doomed to fail. If you want to know about me, please read my memoir. It will clear up whatever confusion the above quiz caused. 



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