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Tour Guiding

I lead birdwatching and photography tours for Tropical Birding. We have departures to all seven continents, and I've linked the tours I've led. Please contact me if you have questions about our departures or want to know which tours I'm likely to lead. I live in San Mateo, California and am available for day guiding if you visit the Bay Area. I'd be stoked to show you Ridgway's Rail, California Condor, Yellow-billed Magpie, Bell's Sparrow, and others. I'm also a regular 'spotter' on Northern California pelagic trips. Please visit Alvaro's Adventures for info on those. 

Domestic Departures

South Texas in Winter

Massachusetts in Winter

Colorado Grouse in Spring

South Florida + Keys in Spring

California in Fall

New Mexico in Winter

Minnesota in Winter

Texas Coast Spring Migration

Midwest Warblers in Spring

Hawaii in Fall

International Departures

Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Kenya: Birding with a Camera

Thailand Birding

South Africa Photo

Namibia and Botswana

Colombia Introtour

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