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I started birding at age six and -- minus thirteen years when my scientific career and coincident alcoholism overran the interest -- have been obsessed with birds ever since (I'm 45 now). Birds have evolved in endless sizes, shapes, and colors, and my ongoing quest to observe and learn about them has taken me to many amazing places and introduced me to all sorts of interesting people. To get a sense of my birding experience, please visit my eBird account. Click through the highlighted countries to see where in each I've birded!

Favorite bird as a kid? Blue Jay

Favorite birds now? Shorebirds, Albatrosses

Favorite places to bird? Canada, Colombia, South Africa

Places I want to bird? Alaska, India, Brazil, Madagascar

Current binoculars? Zeiss 8x42 SF

Current camera? Canon R5 + 600mm f/4 IS II lens

Miles biked during my Biking for Birds project? 17,830

Bird species I've observed in the US? ~810

Bird species I've observed in the world? ~3,500

Bird I most want to see? Black Rail (heard it several times!)


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